Virtual reality

Can you watch VR on a laptop?

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Are you new to PC and laptops? Then this article is completely for you. In this article, we will discuss the games that we play on PC and notebook. With the help of advanced technology and popularity, the gaming industry has developed and expanded rapidly over the years. Firstly we will discuss the VR; VR…

Which is a better virtual reality or augmented reality?

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virtual reality

AR (Augmented reality) & VR (Virtual reality) applications are based on computer simulation of the real-life scenarios and environment. This stimulation has a high degree of resemblance, which means they both can give a realistic feeling through which you can feel those creatures standing in the right in front of you. The Augmented reality and…

How does RFID work in a warehouse?

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Once we have successfully manufactured the goods, then you need to mark the items, which are an as long and tiring task. However, modern technology has evolved the warehousing marking system as you can make use of the RFID in the warehouse as that is an optimal choice to make. It is reliable in many…